Is it expensive to maintain a Kia in Colombia?

Something of the history of Kia in Colombia is in the memory when we remember the Kia Master pickup of the 80s and the sedan called Brita, traced on the predecessor of the Mazda 323 front-wheel drive in its 2nd generation (called only Family in Japan), never presented in the country. The Kia Pride was a model of some acceptance in Colombia, a photocopy of the 1986 Mazda 121 (the same Ford Festival), which with the first Shortage of 1994 caught the attention of Colombians. It was a shy glimpse of the Korean brand today belonging to the monstrous Hyundai group. Its extraordinary evolution has had 2 rhythms in my opinion because the high quality vehicles that exist globally, began to exhibit them in the showcases about a decade ago. The initial impulse in the aesthetic evolution was given by the colorful Cerato Forte since 2010, and even more so by the Soul, which with its aesthetic particularities took it out of anonymity, one of its most-delivered cars in the current second generation: a well-manufactured cabin, a Very careful interior with comfortable and soft seats, good running and plenty of space for everyone. Kia attacks on all fronts putting up heating on the steering wheel or rear seats of the Soul in other markets, and even offers it with 1600 turbo of 201 horsepower. It is an audacious firm offering extensive guarantees, even entering the hybrid market with the recent Niro crossover   -the Toyota Prius territory, the best-selling hybrid in history-,   and until today it tries to break through among the largest representation sedans in the United States with the Quoris – K900 a luxury sedan, 5.10 meters in length with 6 and 8 cylinder engines, which since 2014 came with pneumatic suspension of variable height,   and a “concert hall”, its sound equipment JBL-LEXICON of 17 speakers, among many amenities. After sales is vital for any vehicle to be functional, safe, reliable, reasonably depreciate and fulfill its main transportation role. Second brand after Volkswagen, where first hand we will know what the users have experienced. The experience of them, links many times for life, or makes us defect from a brand that could have been a faithful customer for many generations. I start to structure a kind of saga after investigating with Volkswagen, today it is Kia in Colombia, then we will analyze others that we are looking forward to.

Again, dear readers, we want to have as when they answered with the truth in the questions about Volkswagen, an idea about kia stinger performance in after-sales, through their real experiences. The clarity begins with the active participation as the last time, the answer to any of the 4 simple questions below (hopefully all) by those who have a Kia, writing down in comments, if possible, leaving an email , and based on the time and mileage of your vehicle: Are oil changes expensive, the most common and demanded parts such as brake pads or filters, from the first revisions scheduled by the manufacturer? Has the vehicle had to be out of service for many days due to the lack of a spare part that should be immediately available? Have you paid for the spare parts, a price that you consider disproportionate? Has there been any failure in the vehicle that prevents it from being used, affects normal use or safety, and has been solved promptly without having to return for the same in more opportunities KIA continues its expansion in the Mexican market that has received the brand so well. So now they have decided to bring the hatchback version of the Forte , including the GT , which aims to be a fun model with sports dyes . The prices of this KIA Forte Hatchback will go from $ 320,900 to $ 447,900 . It should be noted that all the versions that will be sold in our country can be purchased with IVT manual box , in addition to a double clutch automatic and seven changes for the version of sports dyes.

Forte GT 2019 1

The KIA Forte Hatchback takes a frontal design similar to the one we have already seen in the sedan, in fact until the B post there are no changes. However, beyond such an area, we can see its new back much more stylized. It should be noted that it is not as short as its competition, since it remains at 4,510 mm in length . There will be three versions for now, the EX, GT Line and GT . According to these, you can take LED or halogen headlights, 16 or 17 ” wheels , sunroof and single or double exhaust.


The interior is the same as seen in the Forte Sedan, although according to the version you can enjoy seats in fabric or faux leather, driver seats with manual or electric adjustment, carry or not electro chromic mirror, traditional steering wheel or flat bottom among others . All versions have infotainment system with 8 “touch screen compatible with Apple Car Play and Android Auto .

New sales record for Lamborghini in 2018: Definitely, people like SUVs

The manufacturers of luxury vehicles are leaving, with a record sales of many brands last year. Among them could not miss Lamborghini and its 5,750 vehicles delivered in 2018 around the world, thanks in large part to one of its latest stars, the controversial and criticized Urus. If Lamborghini Hurricane was a sales success even before its launch, accumulating  700 orders before even seeing the light , now the  Lamborghini Urus  seems determined to steal the throne, as the second super SUV of the company has exceeded the expectations with 1,761 copies delivered since its launch last July. Some time ago I told you that  success is that in just three years more hurricanes have been manufactured than Lamborghini models before 1999 , but the truth is that soon we could say that the Urus is going to be the true salvation of the company of Sant’Agata Bolognese Nearly 70 percent of the model’s buyers are new to the brand and customers are spending  an average of 30,000 euros on options alone. If we take into account that  the model part of the 171,429 euros without taxes , the final figure of the invoice of a Lamborghini Urus, with taxes and optional, is around  270,000 euros on average . In addition, from Lamborghini point out that the proportion of women among Urus customers is also surprisingly high. For this 2019, they expect to reach  a production of 3,500 units .

The increase of 51 percent in sales in 2018 compared to 2017 is also largely due to Hurricane and Aventador, with an increase of 5 percent in sales of the first (2,780 units) and 3 percent in the second, up to 1,209 units. It is true that the purists have criticized the arrival of an SUV to the Lamborghini range, something that in its day already happened with the Cayenne in Porsche, but to the evidence I refer to affirm that, like it or not, people he wants an SUV and these devastate whatever the brand they are . In addition, the Urus is crucial for the future of Lamborghini in those countries where the poor state of the roads makes it almost impossible to sell the Aventador and the Hurricane, such as Russia and India. Developed on the  MLB Evo modular platform , the turbocharged block is self-developed and specific for this model, a  4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine  capable of developing  650 hp (478 kW) of power and 850 Nm of maximum torque , which allows it to Accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just  3.6 seconds  (thanks to the  Launch Control ), from 0 to 200 km / h in  12.8 seconds  and advance steadily to a chilling  305 km / h . The consumption is of nothing less than  10,6 l / 100 km . The hybrid-plug-in will arrive at the end of 2019 . This will offer an electric range of 50 kilometers and a good dose of  torque and power , like the V8 version, although it will be more focused on performance. In terms of markets, Lamborghini has managed to increase sales throughout the Globe , with the United States where more growth has been experienced with 1,595 deliveries,  representing more than a third of all Lamborghini sold last year. In the United Kingdom and Japan, it sold 636 and 559 units, respectively, followed by Germany, China, Canada and Italy, with 463, 342, 316 and 295 copies, respectively.

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is here: Carbon fiber and more than 750 HP

The highly anticipated Ford  Mustang Shelby GT500 is here. In recent years, the blue oval brand has only surprised us with the launch of its Performance family, but if you thought that all this had come to an end you were very wrong, because of one of the highlights of the portfolio of products of the manufacturer. Presented at the Detroit Motor Show 2019, the Mustang Shelby GT500 will arrive later this year with a power output of over  750 hp and 950 Nm of torque, although figures will not be confirmed until autumn. As we already knew, the power comes from a  powerful 5.2-liter V8 block, but it is not just any engine, but rather a waste of technology with aluminum packaging. The intercooler  is located between the banks of cylinders, which have high flow aluminum heads and forged rods , while we see an oil pan with active deflectors to keep the engine lubricated during turns with high force G. All power is transmitted to the rear axle thanks to a box of double clutch (DCT) of seven speeds signed by Tremec, which will allow you to declare a 0 to 100 km / h in the environment of 3.5 seconds . Ford’s entire product portfolio will undergo a radical change by 2020, the date on which the blue oval firm will have renewed three quarters of its current range. Of course, there is no lack of the well-known Launch Control system , but not only mechanical improvements, as the wild  pony car will also have the IDC system for driving modes, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2  tires that fit aluminum rims 20-inch or a high-performance Brembo brake system with six-piston red calipers and 420 mm discs in front, as well as four-piston red calipers and 370 mm discs behind. There is also the MagneRide adaptive damping system, a carbon composite transmission shaft, elements made of magnesium, a Torsen limited-slip rear differential and engine oil, transmission and differential coolers.

At the aesthetic level, there is no waste either, with aggressive bumpers and multiple air intakes, a huge front grille with mesh design and the Shelby badge, a fixed rear spoiler of biblical proportions , the aforementioned 20-inch aluminum rims, a new bonnet with air intake that incorporates removable rain tray, a unique diffuser and four new paint options for the body. Those looking for an even sportier model can opt for two packages, the most discreet  Handling Package and the carbon fiber package for the rims (305/30 R20 front and 315/30 R20 rear), the spoiler and some of the details of the cockpit as instrumentation, including new Recaro racing seats for the front seats. In this case, customers will have to dispense with subsequent places. In terms of equipment, not missing some of the latest manufacturer, as a frame  of digital instruments 12 inches , the Infotainment system with SYNC 3, the sound equipment  Bang & Olufsen 12 – speaker, browser, various wizards Driving (alert blind spot, rear cross traffic warning …), a telemetry application for the track, Wi-Fi 4G LTE point or rear camera. To top it off, customers of the new Mustang Shelby GT500 will receive an invitation free of charge to participating in the Track Attack course, specially designed for the lucky owners of the model to make the most of the beast they have in their garage. at a theoretical level as practical.

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